Bhutan – The World’s Happiest Country

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Did you know that Bhutan is the happiest country in all of Asia? In fact, it is the 8th happiest country in the world according to Business Week. For those who may not know, Bhutan is a nation in Southeast Asia that is only south of China. The nation is known for being tiny and for being extremely upbeat. How would they do it? Let us look at a portion of the things they do any other way that make them so upbeat.

 Bhutan care less about technology

In Bhutan, they just let globalization influence them in the course of ten years however they have done as such in a way that permits their residents to adjust their material belongings. If you go here, you would notice that the people do not care about having the latest gadgets. They are satisfied with what they have and happy to be alive.

Bhutan has the fastest GDPs in the world

When people are making money, everyone is Happy.  Bhutan’s GDP (total national output) has been steadily growing over the past 10 years, thanks to the hardworking citizens. By permitting India to put intensely in hydro-influence in their nation, Bhutan is rapidly getting rich and they don’t need to accomplish that much work. Discussion about dealing with your assets well!

They don’t care about the internet 

You may be surprised but people in Bhutan don’t care too much about TV, radio, or the internet. On TV, we see wonderful individuals making dump trucks loaded with cash and that drives us desirous and crazy. On the web there are trolls, a steady inundation of terrible news, and a wide range of other awful things. We get fixated via web-based networking media and get annoyed when we don’t get retweets or likes on Facebook. But all of these things rarely happen in Bhutan.

The Bhutan’s Government is measuring the citizen’s happiness quotient

All countries in the world aim to be happy. But no other country has taken it too seriously than Bhutan.  In Bhutan this isn’t something individuals need to ponder. Their administration really quantifies their nation’s happiness by utilizing a measurement called the Gross National Happiness or GNH. They’re not impeccable at giving bliss to their residents however the way that they recognize and measure satisfaction most likely improves them at keeping their kin glad than different governments.

Bhutan has a prime location and it makes people happy

Bhutan is located in the Himalayan Mountains and well over 60% of their nation is immaculate wild. Individuals go to places like this for get-away. We envision that living there is likely better, more peaceful, serene, and outwardly pleasant than stepping around the concrete jungle of skyscrapers and busy streets in the city every day.