Welcome to Paraguay!

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Going to Paraguay? You wil definitely never get wrong with this lovely country. Here are some of the best tourist attractions when going here:

Saltos del Monday 

On the edges of Ciudad del Este lies one of Paraguay’s most dynamite characteristic marvels: Saltos del Monday. This loud arrangement of cascades is an amazing 45 meters tall and 120 meters wide. Explorers can climb and abseil down the rough dividers, while eyewitnesses quick to remain on dry land can watch the falls tumble into the profundities beneath from wooden walkways winding across the stream. 

Itá Letra 

These antiquated petroglyphs, cut into collapses the Amambay Hills close to Villarrica, have as of late been dated to somewhere in the range of 5000 and 2500 BC. The carvings portray pawprints, richness images and the groups of stars of our universe, and seem to move in flashing candlelight. Worshipped by the Pai Tavytera clan, they’re viewed as one of the extraordinary secrets of early Paraguayan settlement. 

Itaipú Dam 

This colossal dam on the boundary with Brazil is one of the biggest hydroelectric dams on earth. It merits the excursion to appreciate the epic size of this accomplishment of designing. The dam has its own smaller than usual environment as well – head out on a fishing trip or a bird-watching visit to see the neighborhood inhabitants. 

Bella Vista’s tereré estates 

The harsh home grown tea known as tereré is Paraguay’s most adored refreshment. It was traded to Europe in the nineteenth century and surprisingly utilized as cash, traded for boats and building materials. Head to Bella Vista in the south of the nation to take a visit through the monstrous manors that pepper the open country. 

Ybycuí National Park 

Overflowing with natural life and bungled with streaming creeks and spouting cascades, this fascinating park is the ideal getaway following a couple of days in the capital. Visit the old iron foundry to find out about weapons creation during the Triple Alliance War. After an invigorating plunge in the recreation center’s numerous characteristic pools, meander along the twisting ways to spot capuchin monkeys, tropical butterflies, peccaries and coatí among the trees. 

Manzana de la Rivera 

Across the stream from Asunción’s Palacio de López lies an assortment of dynamic houses dating from the 1750s, known as Manzana de la Rivera. Painted in splendid shadings and affectionately reestablished, they catch the city’s pioneer soul and the Spanish impact that is lived on in the design. Casa Viola is home to Museo Memoria de la Ciudad, which ponders the capital’s past. 


Areguá is a cut of Spain on the edges of Asunción’s rural areas. In this enchanting pilgrim town on the edge of Lago Ypacaraí, cobbled back streets offer approach to verdant courts, fixed with interesting bistros and shops. Watersports are the principle draw on the lake, while sunseekers can enjoy some sunshine on its sandy shores. Head right external the town to see the mathematical sandstone arrangements of the Kôi and Chororî slopes.